About Us

Keman is in the business since 1989 and carried out various activities in various field as we progressed. We started with core drilling, anchor installation, rebar grouting and then moved on to carry out heavy diamond cutting since 2001. To economise the partial demolition we started in situ crushing in 2005 and again moved to crushing using robots. Also for mass demolition, where Crushing could not be applied, we carried out demolition using splitters.

Having Robots, which are versatile equipments and can carry out many more activities other than demolition, we started working in the field of tunneling of various types, refractory lining breaking for cement plants and process industry. Also carried out work for other infrastructure projects lie dams.

We recently introduced Waterjet demolition for various applications beyond the scope of above methods of demolitions.

Keman will introduce various unique services in future, as we have been doing for so many years